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CSI Master format

What are CSI Master Format 50 Divisions of Work ?

If you’re working in the construction industry, you’re probably familiar with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Master Format. This document is used to organize and categorize construction information, making it easier for professionals to communicate and collaborate on projects. One

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How to show floats in P6

How to show floats in Primavera P6 Float values are stored in two columns, one for total float and another one for free float. They are now hidden in P6 by default and you may have to do some steps

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Revised Schedule

Revised Schedule: Everything you need to know

What is a Revised Schedule? A revised schedule is an updated version of the original project schedule that takes into account any changes that have occurred during the project’s lifecycle. These changes may include delays, scope changes, budget adjustments, and

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float in p6

Float in P6 | All Floats Breakdown

Float in Project Management As a project manager, you may have come across the term “float” when dealing with project schedules. Float, also known as slack or buffer, is a crucial aspect of project management that can have a significant

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