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A narrative report in project planning is a support document you present with your time schedule and typically includes a detailed description or explanation of the planned activities, milestones, and timelines of the project. This report is written in prose format, outlining the sequence of tasks, their dependencies, and the estimated durations for each task.

Moreover, the narrative report describes the methodology employed in developing the project schedule. It may explain the process used to identify tasks, estimate durations, and establish dependencies. This methodology section elucidates the systematic approach taken to ensure the coherence and feasibility of the schedule.

A narrative report also typically includes a schedule overview, summarizing the key milestones, deliverables, and major phases of the project. This high-level summary offers stakeholders a bird’s-eye view of the project timeline, enabling them to grasp its overall structure and timeline at a glance.

Furthermore, the narrative report may talk about the resource allocation of the project, detailing the human, material, and financial resources required for each task or phase.

Additionally, the narrative report may outline the mechanisms for monitoring and controlling the project schedule throughout its execution. It describes how progress will be tracked, performance metrics measured, and adjustments made to the schedule as needed. This section underscores the importance of proactive management to keep the project on track and within the planned timeline.

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Components of a Narrative Report

Narrative reports may vary from one project to another and from a consultant and a PMC to another. But let’s agree that there’s some main components that make the narrative report a narrative report, and those components include:

1. Project Brief
2. Program Overview
3. Key Dates/Milestones
4. Work Breakdown Structure
5. Calendars
6. Activity Codes & ID
7. Construction Sequence
8. Project Baseline Schedule
9. Critical Path
10. Qualifications
11. Appendices
A. Project Baseline
B. Critical Path
C. Histograms

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